The aim of this website is to help you take advantage of the information you have about your mobile phone usage. By uploading call details or adding summary data to the site you can get a better sense of how you use your mobile phone from month to month. You can also calculate the cost to you of each different plan, and its at times bewildering permutations.

The easiest way to get a sense of how you use your phone is to upload your O2, Vodafone, Meteor or Three call details file. Alternatively you can add summary data though this will not be quite as accurate.

Once you've done that you can compare the cost of a wide range of tarrifs and see which ones are best suited to your phone usage.

We haven't fully figured out the nitty gritty details of roaming & international calls but we are improving this all the time. So if you do a lot of traveling or foreign calling you may not get a super accurate total!

We'd love to hear any feedback good or bad, email us at or you can find us keeping our heads down on twitter

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